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Question related to mission Bit Message


I don't get this task.

  1. The protocol description is a bit vague. For example, are input strings little-endian or big-endian? (OK, this one can actually be deduced from the test cases. In the first assertion we have a 7-bit ASCII message, so the first byte should be 0x00, not 0x01, thus the string is big-endian.)

  2. The test cases are...strange. Let's say we have '002080629173140807EDF27C1E3E9701' as an input. How is that supposed to decode into "message"? There are two "s" in "message", while all bytes in the input string are unique. What the fuck. Where did the second "s" go? And the second "e", for that matter? And how is that 7-bit ASCII at all, given that 2 bytes out of 7 have both the zeroth and the seventh bit set, and there's a goddamn 0x01 at the end?