Zigzag Array Zigzag Array
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This function creates a List of lists. that represents a two-dimensional grid with the given number of rows and cols . This grid should contain the integers from start to start + rows * cols - 1 in ascending order, but so that the elements of every odd-numbered row are listed in descending order, so that when read in ascending order, the numbers zigzag through the two-dimensional grid.

Input: Two ints rows and cols. And one optional argument start.

Output: List of lists.


create_zigzag(3, 5) == [
create_zigzag(5, 1) == [
create_zigzag(2, 3, 5) == [
        [5, 6, 7],
        [10, 9, 8],
        [11, 12, 13]

The mission was taken from Python CCPS 109 Fall 2018. It is taught for Ryerson Chang School of Continuing Education by Ilkka Kokkarinen