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Hey, are you ready for a Scrabble game party?
You have a list of words and you have to find only one that is the most valuable among them.
The worth of each word is equivalent to the sum of letters which it consists of.
The values of the letters are as follow:
e, a, i, o, n, r, t, l, s, u = 1
d, g = 2
b, c, m, p = 3
f, h, v, w, y = 4
k = 5
j, x = 8
q, z = 10
For example, the worth of the word 'dog' is 5, because 'd' = 2, 'o' = 1 and 'g' = 2.


Input: A list of words.

Output: The most valuable word.


worth_of_words(['hi', 'quiz', 'bomb', 'president']) == 'quiz'
worth_of_words(['zero', 'one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five']) == 'zero'

How it is used: For the lexicographic analysis of the texts.

2 <= words <= 10
Real words only
lowercase letters only