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In this mission your task is to determine the popularity of certain words in the text.

At the input of your function are given 2 arguments: the text and the array of words the popularity of which you need to determine.

When solving this task pay attention to the following points:

  • The words should be sought in all registers. This means that if you need to find a word "one" then words like "one", "One", "oNe", "ONE" etc. will do.
  • The search words are always indicated in the lowercase.
  • If the word wasn’t found even once, it has to be returned in the dictionary with 0 (zero) value.

Input: The text and the search words array.

Output: The dictionary where the search words are the keys and values are the number of times when those words are occurring in a given text.


When I was One
I had just begun
When I was Two
I was nearly new
''', ['i', 'was', 'three', 'near']) == {
    'i': 4,
    'was': 3,
    'three': 0,
    'near': 0

The input text will consists of English letters in uppercase and lowercase and whitespaces.