Palindromic Palindrome Palindromic Palindrome

Write a palindromic program with a checkio(s) function that checks whether s (a string) is a palindrome.

For this task, using "#" is forbidden.

You can use other methods for the function's definition (for example a lambda). The test will try to run the function "checkio" from your code.

The example of the palindromic code:

    checkio=lambda x: x#x :x adbmal=oikcehc

However, in your code, you can not use "#".

Input: A text as a string.

Output: Palindrome or not as a boolean.

How it is used: This task is a challenge in creativity and is designed to show you the hidden depths of programming languages.

Precondition: 1 < |text| ≤ 20
The text contains only ASCII letters in lowercase.