I Love Python! I Love Python!
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Over six years ago, in December 1989, I was looking for a "hobby" programming project that would keep me occupied during the week around Christmas. My office (a government-run research lab in Amsterdam) would be closed, but I had a home computer, and not much else on my hands. I decided to write an interpreter for the new scripting language I had been thinking about lately: a descendant of ABC that would appeal to Unix/C hackers. I chose Python as a working title for the project, being in a slightly irreverent mood (and a big fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus).

Today, I can safely say that Python has changed my life. I have moved to a different continent. I spend my working days developing large systems in Python, when I'm not hacking on Python or answering Python-related email. There are Python T-shirts, workshops, mailing lists, a newsgroup, and now a book. Frankly, my only unfulfilled wish is to have my picture on the front page of the New York Times.

-- Guido van Rossum, Foreword for "Programming Python", Reston, VA, May 1996

This mission is simple to solve. You are given a function called "i_love_python" which will only return the phrase - "I love Python!"

Let's write an essay in python code which will explain why you love python (if you don't love it, when we will make an additional mission special for the haters). Publishing the default solution will only earn you 0 points as the goal is to earn points through votes for your code essay.

Input: Nothing.

Output: The string "I love Python!".


i_love_python() == "I love Python!"

How it is used: This mission revolves around code literacy.