Ground for the House Ground for the House
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It was a long trip to the island, so you’ve decided to pass the time sitting in the captain's cabin and splitting the treasures remained to be found. Aside from that, a couple of weeks before you left for the expedition, you’ve managed to negotiate with several very wealthy people and approximately knew how much you could get by selling the Hypercube.

Purchasing land in a picturesque place have been one of your long-held wishes. You’ve dreamed of building a house there and breeding the rare species. All of this requires a considerable amount of money that are likely to come into your possession in the near future.

As the input data you will get the multiline string consists of '0' & '#'. where '0' means the empty piece of the ground and the '#' is the piece of your house. Your task is to count the minimal area of the rectangle ground which is enough for the building.

Input: The plan of the house.

Output: The total area of the rectangle piece of the ground.


''') == 24

How it is used: For the rational use of the resources.

2x2 <= multiline string <= 10x10