Goes Right After Goes Right After

In a given word you need to check if one symbol goes right after another.

Cases you should expect while solving this challenge:

  • If more than one symbol is in the list you should always count the first one
  • one of the symbols are not in the given word - your function should return False;
  • any symbol appears in a word more than once - use only the first one;
  • two symbols are the same - your function should return False;
  • the condition is case sensitive, which means 'a' and 'A' are two different symbols.

Input: Three arguments. The first one is a given string, second is a symbol that should go first, and the third is a symbold that should go after the first one.

Output: A bool.


goes_after('world', 'w', 'o') == True
goes_after('world', 'w', 'r') == False
goes_after('world', 'l', 'o') == False
goes_after('panorama', 'a', 'n') == True
goes_after('list', 'l', 'o') == False
goes_after('', 'l', 'o') == False
goes_after('list', 'l', 'l') == False
goes_after('world', 'd', 'w') == False