Conversion into CamelCase Conversion into CamelCase
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Your mission is to convert the name of a function (a string) from the Python format (for example "my_function_name") into CamelCase ("MyFunctionName"), where the first char of every word is in uppercase and all words are concatenated without any intervening characters.

Input: A function name as a string.

Output: The same string, but in CamelCase.


to_camel_case("my_function_name") == "MyFunctionName"
to_camel_case("i_phone") == "IPhone"
to_camel_case("this_function_is_empty") == "ThisFunctionIsEmpty"
to_camel_case("name") == "Name"

How it is used: To apply function names in the style in which they are adopted in a specific language (Python, JavaScript, etc.).

0 < len(string) <= 100
Input data won't contain any numbers.