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You have a table with all available goods in the store. The data is represented as a list of dicts

Your mission here is to find the TOP most expensive goods. The amount we are looking for will be given as a first argument and the whole data as the second one

Input: int and list of dicts. Each dicts has two keys "name" and "price"

Output: the same as the second Input argument.


bigger_price(2, [
    {"name": "bread", "price": 100},
    {"name": "wine", "price": 138},
    {"name": "meat", "price": 15},
    {"name": "water", "price": 1}
]) == [
    {"name": "wine", "price": 138},
    {"name": "bread", "price": 100}

bigger_price(1, [
    {"name": "pen", "price": 5},
    {"name": "whiteboard", "price": 170}
]) == [{"name": "whiteboard", "price": 170}]