Issues Students Face While Writing an Argumentative Essay - 2022
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Essay writing is an important piece of writing that encourages students to express their thoughts. In college, different types of essays are assigned to the students to enhance their creativity and writing skills. Instead of having you think I will have someone write essay for me, colleges encourage you to take essays as a serious assignment to hone your skills.

Argumentative essays are the most commonly written essays in schools. These essays are a combination of a compelling argument with factual research and, if both of these materials are eloquently presented, you can have someone agree with you through your writing. An argumentative essay is more about facts and an opinion, not the personal point of view of the essay writer. For example, if you are writing about a specific holiday resort, you cannot defend your view by saying you like the resort, you have to present accurate findings in the shape of research and data collection related to the resort.

There are always minor or major issues a student can face while writing an argumentative essay.

  1. The crucial part of the write my paper process is outlined so, skipping the outline is a grave mistake when it comes to an argumentative essay. Some students may fail to admit the importance of outlining. An outline adds structure to your essay. It may seem efficient in skipping it but it actually is the opposite. If you include no outline, there is less structure and you struggle more and it takes longer to produce logical writing.

  2. An argumentative essay is based on research so not having enough research can make you feel short of content to add to your paper. Doing no research will result in less time-consuming but also less material as well. Detailed research lets the student learn about the topic and understand many more points of view related to the topic so that they may choose a singular stance and support it with evidence that was collected during the research.

  3. A thesis statement is the foundation of your writing so a vague thesis statement must be avoided at all costs. A perfectly structured thesis statement is important because it consists of the point you are going to prove throughout the next paragraphs. If the statement is unclear, you will have a hard time proving it and the readers might struggle in understanding your point. It is important to go through the final draft again to be sure about the thesis statement working.

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  1. Your argumentative essay is not good enough if you are not supporting your argument, it’s what the essay is about. An argument is normally supported by an adequate amount of evidence from authentic sources. Nevertheless, the last part is usually forgotten by the writers and that results in an argument that seems very unimpressive. The second common mistake is writers being unable to address the counterarguments. In an argumentative essay, inspecting an issue from all sides and angles is very necessary, such as including the counterargument is also important for this writing.

  2. clumsy conclusion is never appreciated. A perfect conclusion is a way to recapitulate the statement that was mentioned in the introduction, so it is important that these two statements align. It is usual to get off track in your arguments and then write a conclusion that is different from the statements prior. In cases like this, you have to go through your arguments and make changes to your structure. Also, the last point is that you cannot add new ideas in the final part of the paper that was not mentioned before.

The points mentioned above are helpful in avoiding minor mistakes in an argumentative essay. There can be other mistakes too such as grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc., but these are the most common mistakes. Erasing them will ensure good material. 

If you are still confused about how you can make your essay better, you can contact any online essay writing service that consists of professional writers who can help you with your writing.

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