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I love CheckiO, but would like to try developing solutions in my own IDE. Where should I start?

CheckiO players are very passionate about their code and like to code in the environments that make the most comfortable.
2nd December 2014 01:06

New to Python? Try some free online courses to help you learn how to code.

So you've decided to learn programming? Well, you deserve some congratulations because you are about to embark upon quite the journey.
1st December 2014 00:32

Online classes are not my thing. What else does the CheckiO community recommend to supplement my learning in Python?

There are loads of free online resources which can help you to build your foundation of knowledge in Python and virtually any other programming language. For more information about free online course, we have a whole article outlining some of what we think are the best ones. If you code-monkey see, code-monkey do approach, or need some alternative learning tools to help you as you advance and take on some of the more difficult CheckiO challenges, check some of these out...
29th November 2014 15:07

So, I Just finished Code Academy's Python course ... what do I do next?

So, you wanted to learn How to code, worked hard and completed the Code Academy course for Python. As a result, you should now have some basic coding skills and an understanding of python syntax. Now what do you do?
29th November 2014 03:47

Rise to the Codeship Challenge: Win an Online Shopping Spree!

Codeship has announced a virtual hackathon powered by CheckiO, where you can win gift certificates to your favorite online retailers and obtain the title of "Code Captain!"
26th November 2014 13:57

Community Reviews: The Building Missions

A few weeks ago, we published missions devoted to World Urbanism Day. The first mission, “Building Base”, was a pilot for our OOP based missions. The second, “Inside Block”, was a reincarnation of the older mission “Target Hit” which some long time CheckiO players should remember. Today, we’ll be taking a close look at some of the more interesting and top scoring solutions.
21st November 2014 13:49

Solve Mathematics Using your Python Skill!

The 11th World Robot Olympiad, PyCon China 2014 and three new missions for you all this week!
19th November 2014 00:00

You Have 60,000 Friends on CheckiO!

This week, CheckiO saw its 60,000th player join the ranks of Python coders! Yesterday China celebrated Guānggùn Jié, or Singles Day. Seeing as you now have 60,000 friends here on CheckiO, that shouldn't be a holiday for you! To help give folks a push, we've put together a few missions to enjoy with your new-found friends!
12th November 2014 00:46

Building Codes

This week we're celebrating the cities we call home and the people who built them with some metro-pythonic missions!
5th November 2014 00:25

Scary Code

This week's missions are a bit funny, so much so that it could even be considered spooky!
28th October 2014 23:42

This week in Python 10/24: Python in Gaming

Dr. Who teaches programming, Python Puzzlers, Rouglikes in Python and RasberryPi unveils Pi Pad
24th October 2014 23:22

Pythonic Pathfinding

This week we've got a batch of labyrinthine puzzles for you to lose yourself in!
21st October 2014 22:09

Change the World With Code!

Python 3.4.2, Two new missions, and you could make CheckiO's next Island!
15th October 2014 02:45

This week in Python 10/11: The most Impressive things Done with Python

This week's headlines: Python 3.4.2 is Now Available, The Most Impressive Things Done With Python and The Game of Life
12th October 2014 01:06

Going the Distance With Python

They say the world is smoother than a billiards ball when viewed relatively to one another. For these missions, it's even smoother and rounder than that! In such a perfect world, our favorite postal person should have some smooth sailing, wouldn't you say? Let's celebrate them this World Post Day by making their job easier with Python!
7th October 2014 23:47

What Happened in Python During the Month of September

Good Code, Bad Code and some really cool stuff happened in September!
6th October 2014 23:25

Cellular Automation with Python

CheckiO's in top US Universities, you could make the next CheckiO Island, and we've baked two new missions for you!
30th September 2014 23:16

CheckiO in Top American Universities

Python is the most frequently taught programming language in introductory computer science classes. There are many universities and colleges training students in Python, as well as many online classes to help introduce new people to coding, via Python.
29th September 2014 12:22

The Fellowship of the Code

This week we've got two new missions for you straight out of Middle Earth. We've even made some nice improvements to the site which I'm sure you will all appreciate.
24th September 2014 00:01

Cryptographic Python

This week's your Secret Agent boot camp!
16th September 2014 23:07
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