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Python Education Summit & Python Learning Resources #2

First off, we'd like to tell you about the upcoming 2015 Python Education Summit in Montréal, Canada. There's going to be an array of talks on Python and Education prior to PyCon 2015's main conference! A full description of each talk will be coming soon, but at the moment you can check out the Education Summit schedule and register for the conference.
25th February 2015 09:44

"Elementary" One-liners Overview

As you may know we have a special island for our coding newbies -- <a href="http://www.checkio.org/station/library/">"Elementary"</a>. On this island we've created very simple missions which include hints to help solve them. So if you just have finished the TreeHouse or CodeAcademy courses, or you already know some python syntax, then this island is absolutely for you.
20th February 2015 12:04

Guido van Rossum's Code Review #0 and Ghost Ship mission update

Check out new Guido van Rossum's code reviews and tack down the fabled Pirate Ghost Ship Missions with CheckiO. Ghost Missions are coming back as part of a non-stop CheckiO explosion! You can now compete in these missions on the Codeship Island.
19th February 2015 08:20

CheckiO Weekly #2 ― Braille Translator Review

Today I would like delve into the Braille system. Braille is a tactile writing system used by the blind and the visually impaired. It is traditionally written with embossed paper.
13th February 2015 11:30

CheckiO and Treehouse

It looks like you've recently opened the beautiful world of programming for yourself and chosen Python as your first language. That's actually a wise choice.
10th February 2015 23:59

CheckiO Weekly #1 ― Pangram Review

Today I would examine the fresh CheckiO mission.
6th February 2015 12:43

Python in Poland

As you know, we recently held our Polish Python Competition on CheckiO.
3rd February 2015 21:18

CheckiO Weekly #0 ― Clock Angle Review

Today we will examine the "Clock Angle" (http://www.checkio.org/mission/clock-angle/share/7defeec919a61f851255c46c1c9e12e5/) mission. You are given a time in 24-hour format and you should calculate a lesser angle between the hour and minute hands in degrees for analog clock. Simple mathematic model. But you can solve this even if you don't have doctor degree in Mathematics. Just watch at an analog clock. Old grandmother cuckoo-clock will be nice or find some video with analog clock (yeah it's sound weird).
30th January 2015 11:07

New Community Missions!

We have two new missions for everyone to enjoy, both made by CheckiO community members.
27th January 2015 21:31

CheckiO's Challenging Poland!

Starting today, three missions will unlock for CheckiO's Polish players. These missions will be exclusive to Poland for the two weeks of the competition that will end on February 3rd. The top players with the highest scores in each of these three missions will earn their place as the Top CheckiO players in Poland. Once the competition has ended, they will open up to the global CheckiO community for everyone to play.
21st January 2015 01:39

Counting Time

Did you know that January 13th and January 14th mark the turn of the Old New Year? Because of the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars, the Julian calendar's New Years Eve and New Years day fall on these days on the Gregorian calendar, which is currently the most wide spread calendar in use.
13th January 2015 23:26

Introducing CheckiO's Web Plugin

This week I'd like to take a moment to announce a new feature that we have been working on in our developer labs here at CheckiO.
6th January 2015 23:16

CheckiO's 2014 Mission Retrospective

New Year's Eve is a time for celebration and reflection. As such, I'd like to highlight some of the more popular community made missions from 2014.
31st December 2014 00:42

Japan's Top CheckiO Players and New Missions Unlocked!

CheckiO's first regional competition has come to a close and that means it's time to announce Japans to CheckiO Programmers!
24th December 2014 01:19

Which States Have the most CheckiO Players?

Which States Have the most CheckiO Players?
16th December 2014 17:40

Your Codeship Captains Have Been Crowned!

The Codeship hackathon competition has drawn to a close and man, was it a doozy!
11th December 2014 00:35

CheckiO's Top Japan Programmer Competition is On!

Today I'd like to announce the start of a series of local competitions featuring the home countries of CheckiO players from around the world. We'll be officially kicking this world wide tour in Japan. Starting today, three missions will be made available to Japanese CheckiO players. The top players with the highest scores in each of these three missions will earn their place as the Top CheckiO players in Japan!
9th December 2014 13:12

Welcome to the Battle Cube

This week we've got a slew of dice games, both old and new coming at you! Don't forget to roll for reflex!
2nd December 2014 23:38

I love CheckiO, but would like to try developing solutions in my own IDE. Where should I start?

CheckiO players are very passionate about their code and like to code in the environments that make the most comfortable.
2nd December 2014 01:06

New to Python? Try some free online courses to help you learn how to code.

So you've decided to learn programming? Well, you deserve some congratulations because you are about to embark upon quite the journey.
1st December 2014 00:32
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