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New Mission and New Badges for you to achieve

New mission "Power Supply" and a set of new badges
6th December 2016 14:52

The world is changing

Profile were changes, map was improved
22nd November 2016 12:26

CheckiO online Shop

The first CheckiO-shop
8th November 2016 15:37

Find Your Friends

find your friends from Facebook or Twitter playing CheckiO
1st November 2016 10:42

Video Code Review

Video Code Review with veky and new mission for you.
25th October 2016 11:04

Let’s make our forum better

some forum upgrades, some questions and news around missions.
18th October 2016 08:57

New missions and Monthly Leaderboard

Two new missions are released - "String Conversion" and "What is wrong with this family?". New Monthly leaderboard is launched.
6th October 2016 14:19

#0 Py.CheckiO Digest

We are on Product Hunt, CheckiO Digest, Liked by Followers, 2 more missions, survey results, new survey and so on...
27th September 2016 15:23

Projects for CheckiO

Open Source Projects on CheckiO, new JS missions, cool solutions, new Python, Editor’s Choice Mode, new survey
20th September 2016 12:10

CheckiO ClassRoom and more

ClassRoom, Editor's choice, CheckiO Survey
13th September 2016 10:25

Python 3.6a3 and how can we make Open Source community stronger

Now you can enjoy Python version 3.6a3. We also want to ask you if you want some more 3rd party modules. Open Source projects for CheckiO users.
27th July 2016 09:55

Release is Coming

We are working hard on the new version of CheckiO, so today we have some very brief updates for you.
13th July 2016 10:50

JS and PY updates for you

Support of third party modules for Python and start testing the brand new version of CheckiO for JavaScript coders
30th June 2016 09:10

Monthly. Faster. Random Review by Email

Monthly, Random-Review by email, Web Plugin, Email Notifications
5th May 2016 10:20

New Monthly Leaderboard

We have a few updates for you! Check them out. Monthly Leaderboard updates. New features updates. Community updates
1st April 2016 16:18

More missions and more translations

IP network: route summarization, The Most Frequent Weekdays and Making Change
22nd March 2016 12:40

Monthly Leaderboard Reincarnation

new Leaderboard and how to get on top, brand new mission announcements, and this new thing called CheckiO Projects where you can put your coding skills to work for companies at TechStars.
2nd March 2016 09:07

It is time to become awesome

It is time to become awesome
16th February 2016 23:14

PyCharm and CheckiO

This week we’re launching a really awesome project off which we think you will like!
23rd October 2015 21:59

Eating Black Holes

And we're back with a fresh baked mission straight from the community! So everyone get ready, because we're gonna serve you up something awesome!
8th October 2015 20:24
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