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Interview with Dahlia

I am very excited to share an interview with one of CheckiO'snosy active users. Dahlia, is helping other users on the forum, creating new missions, and providing German translation for our current missions. It was a very positive and informative conversation.
4th April 2017 08:53
by oduvan

Video Code Review with Veky: contextlib and ast

Together with veky we do our next video code review for solutions that use contextlib and ast
16th March 2017 08:32
by oduvan


CheckiO has a lot of features that become available, or unlocked, with higher levels. Here is a list of all the potential features and at which levels they become available to users.
9th March 2017 15:08
by oduvan

Job Board

We are now ready to present the first version of CheckiO Job Board! It has been released for testing in four countries: USA, Russia, Ukraine and UK, and will be available for level 4 users.
7th March 2017 09:26
by oduvan

Interview with kurosawa4434

Last week we shared a new mission from kurosawa4434 called "Climbing Route". This is actually his third mission we thought it would be great to do a short interview with him.
28th February 2017 11:16
by oduvan

Forum Tags

An improvements to make the forum not only a place where you can get help with solving missions but also a place where you can learn something new and meet other people who share your love for coding
21st February 2017 11:27
by oduvan

CheckiO Public Blog

If some of you would like to contribute an article to CheckiO - please contact with me directly. I would be more than happy to take submissions that are beneficial to fellow users, players and coders – in regards to Python and JavaScript.
2nd February 2017 14:34
by oduvan

Itertools. Part2

our next article around itertools on CheckiO
2nd February 2017 14:23
by oduvan

Python Bruteforces

5,000 solutions, or about 2% of total, are using itertools. Let me show you how.
31st January 2017 09:57
by oduvan

You can create missions again

Video tutorial of creating mission, short article from video code review and some other python news
28th January 2017 01:35

Things I learned from Video Code Review with veky

Since the last year, one of our Awesome Users veky has been doing video code review on CheckiO. Here is a very short highlight of the most interesting and educational code:
24th January 2017 11:09

Best of 2016 is coming...

New video-code-review is coming...
5th January 2017 10:46

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
31st December 2016 10:19

Today is the hottest day of winter

Hot section, last mission in the left menu, quick following, opened missions and happy holidays :)
27th December 2016 12:40

PEP 498 - f-strings for Python 3.6

PEP 498 - Literal String Interpolation. The main idea around f-strings is to have a simpler way to format strings in Python. Let me show you what this simplification looks like.
15th December 2016 17:29

New Years Awesome Gift

New Year Discount, Gifts, The next code-review with Veky
14th December 2016 17:11

Live Code Review

live code review from veky
8th December 2016 08:35

New Mission and New Badges for you to achieve

New mission "Power Supply" and a set of new badges
6th December 2016 14:52

The world is changing

Profile were changes, map was improved
22nd November 2016 12:26

CheckiO online Shop

The first CheckiO-shop
8th November 2016 15:37
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