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Teaching Python

Why CheckiO ClassRooms considered to be a great additional resource when teaching Python.
14th November 2017 12:16
by oduvan

CheckiO Task Tester

Task Tester Tool installation on Windows 10.
2nd November 2017 11:25
by oduvan

Arrays for Python

The continuation of articles on Python data structures concentrating on the topic of arrays.
1st November 2017 09:39
by oduvan

Python dictionary anthology

The first article of the series on data structures in Python.
24th October 2017 11:55
by oduvan

10 common beginner mistakes in Python

An overview of some of the mistakes that are commonly made by the beginners in Python.
17th October 2017 09:07
by oduvan

Memory optimization with Python slots

_slots__ were initially designed in order to optimize memory in Python, but soon people realized that this feature can do a lot of other cool things.
10th October 2017 07:44
by oduvan

Context manager in Python

Behind the scenes of how the context managers and the "with" statement work in Python.
3rd October 2017 11:22
by oduvan

How did Python3 lose cmp in sorted?

In Python2 you could sort iterable not only by specifying a key, but also by specifying a function for cmp argument for sorted function.
26th September 2017 21:04
by oduvan

Hashable data types and why do we need those

Reviewing some of the notes concerning hashes in Python.
19th September 2017 11:19
by oduvan

Asynchronous Python for the Complete Beginner

Intro into the basic asynchronous Python.
12th September 2017 10:58
by oduvan

Creating Missions on CheckiO

Going through the journey of the every new mission on CheckiO.
1st September 2017 08:46
by oduvan

Understanding IS Operator

Going through some magic tricks of IS operator.
28th August 2017 08:55
by oduvan

How big is the Python Family

Various members of a big Python family. What kind of Python implementations are there?
18th August 2017 11:43
by oduvan

TOP 5 Сlassiс Free Python Books

A short overview of the TOP 5 Classic Free Python learning books along with their authors.
10th August 2017 07:43
by oduvan

Cryptography for dummies: encryption with the examples

Let’s try to figure out how cryptography actually works on specific examples.
4th August 2017 13:50
by oduvan

Crazy August

Results of relaxing July, new missions and how crazy August will look like.
1st August 2017 12:58
by oduvan

New Interval Missions

Two new Interval Missions, two new missions with Editors' Choice Solutions and our research about hardest missions on CheckiO.
27th July 2017 08:44
by oduvan

Collaboration is the key

Completely Empty, Cut Sentence, What can you do with solutions and StefanPochmann in one short blog-post
18th July 2017 12:07
by oduvan

Results of the first week

Reverse Roman Numerals is no longer in random review mode, one more mission had been released last week and our top3 leaders you can find in this blog post about the first week of relax-July.
11th July 2017 12:41
by oduvan

Relax and have some fun on July

This month we will release a lot of small and short missions, so you can check how creative can be CheckiO community with Python.
4th July 2017 13:20
by oduvan
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