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Video Code Review with Veky: contextlib and ast

Together with veky we do our next video code review for solutions that use contextlib and ast
16th March 2017 08:32
by oduvan


CheckiO has a lot of features that become available, or unlocked, with higher levels. Here is a list of all the potential features and at which levels they become available to users.
9th March 2017 15:08
by oduvan

Job Board

We are now ready to present the first version of CheckiO Job Board! It has been released for testing in four countries: USA, Russia, Ukraine and UK, and will be available for level 4 users.
7th March 2017 09:26
by oduvan

Interview with kurosawa4434

Last week we shared a new mission from kurosawa4434 called "Climbing Route". This is actually his third mission we thought it would be great to do a short interview with him.
28th February 2017 11:16
by oduvan

Forum Tags

An improvements to make the forum not only a place where you can get help with solving missions but also a place where you can learn something new and meet other people who share your love for coding
21st February 2017 11:27
by oduvan

CheckiO Public Blog

If some of you would like to contribute an article to CheckiO - please contact with me directly. I would be more than happy to take submissions that are beneficial to fellow users, players and coders – in regards to Python and JavaScript.
2nd February 2017 14:34
by oduvan

Itertools. Part2

our next article around itertools on CheckiO
2nd February 2017 14:23
by oduvan

Python Bruteforces

5,000 solutions, or about 2% of total, are using itertools. Let me show you how.
31st January 2017 09:57
by oduvan

You can create missions again

Video tutorial of creating mission, short article from video code review and some other python news
28th January 2017 01:35

Things I learned from Video Code Review with veky

Since the last year, one of our Awesome Users veky has been doing video code review on CheckiO. Here is a very short highlight of the most interesting and educational code:
24th January 2017 11:09

Best of 2016 is coming...

New video-code-review is coming...
5th January 2017 10:46

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
31st December 2016 10:19

Today is the hottest day of winter

Hot section, last mission in the left menu, quick following, opened missions and happy holidays :)
27th December 2016 12:40

PEP 498 - f-strings for Python 3.6

PEP 498 - Literal String Interpolation. The main idea around f-strings is to have a simpler way to format strings in Python. Let me show you what this simplification looks like.
15th December 2016 17:29

New Years Awesome Gift

New Year Discount, Gifts, The next code-review with Veky
14th December 2016 17:11

Live Code Review

live code review from veky
8th December 2016 08:35

New Mission and New Badges for you to achieve

New mission "Power Supply" and a set of new badges
6th December 2016 14:52

The world is changing

Profile were changes, map was improved
22nd November 2016 12:26

CheckiO online Shop

The first CheckiO-shop
8th November 2016 15:37

Find Your Friends

find your friends from Facebook or Twitter playing CheckiO
1st November 2016 10:42
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