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Design Patterns. Part 1

Going through the Abstract Factory and Strategy design patterns.
21st June 2018 09:43
by likewind

CheckiO Quests

A new great way to gain points and additional opportunities in the game.
14th June 2018 09:38
by oduvan

What is Python capable of?

An overview of how Python was essential for the creation of various useful programs and applications in a range of different spheres.
12th April 2018 12:29
by likewind

How to improve CheckiO missions?

The ways in which you can take part in making CheckiO an even better resource for its users.
5th April 2018 11:11
by oduvan

Best Speeches of Mr. Hettinger. Part 2

The continuation of the previous article reviewing the most remarkable speeches and life events of the core Python developer.
21st March 2018 09:42
by likewind

Best Speeches of Mr. Hettinger. Part 1

Seeing Python from the point of view of its core developer.
13th March 2018 13:26
by likewind

3 Ways you can Use Emails on CheckiO

How emails can become a great tool used to your advantage.
21st February 2018 10:43
by oduvan

The Usage of Type Hints

An intro to the purpose of type hints in Python 3.5, mypy and PuCharm
1st February 2018 12:32
by oduvan

Variations of Data Classes

The last article of the Python data types series devoted the data class variations and usage.
16th January 2018 14:29
by oduvan

True Python

CheckiO active users’ blogs.
21st December 2017 13:32
by oduvan

Python Slices

Python slice as a flexible tool for various surprising tricks.
23rd November 2017 13:29
by oduvan

Teaching Python

Why CheckiO ClassRooms considered to be a great additional resource when teaching Python.
14th November 2017 12:16
by oduvan

CheckiO Task Tester

Task Tester Tool installation on Windows 10.
2nd November 2017 11:25
by oduvan

Arrays for Python

The continuation of articles on Python data structures concentrating on the topic of arrays.
1st November 2017 09:39
by oduvan

Python dictionary anthology

The first article of the series on data structures in Python.
24th October 2017 11:55
by oduvan

10 common beginner mistakes in Python

An overview of some of the mistakes that are commonly made by the beginners in Python.
17th October 2017 09:07
by oduvan

Memory optimization with Python slots

_slots__ were initially designed in order to optimize memory in Python, but soon people realized that this feature can do a lot of other cool things.
10th October 2017 07:44
by oduvan

Context manager in Python

Behind the scenes of how the context managers and the "with" statement work in Python.
3rd October 2017 11:22
by oduvan

How did Python3 lose cmp in sorted?

In Python2 you could sort iterable not only by specifying a key, but also by specifying a function for cmp argument for sorted function.
26th September 2017 21:04
by oduvan

Hashable data types and why do we need those

Reviewing some of the notes concerning hashes in Python.
19th September 2017 11:19
by oduvan
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