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How To Publish A Package On PyPI

Going over the steps of publishing a module, package or library on PyPI.
4th October 2018 07:00
by likewind

checkio-client & Web Extension

Presenting a new CheckIO tool with a broad set of functions.
27th September 2018 11:05
by oduvan

Python in science

The description of using Python in the different sciences and science projects.
20th September 2018 07:11
by likewind

Using Regular Expressions in Python

Going through the powerful possibilities of regular expressions along with the vivid examples of their usage.
13th September 2018 06:48
by likewind

The Escher’s Island

The Escher’s Island is now open.
6th September 2018 12:28
by oduvan

Let the treasure hunt begin!

The Escher’s Island is now open for those who seek adventure and are ready to show their best to get the treasures.
31st August 2018 10:31
by oduvan

7 Strategies For Optimizing Your Code

Going over the ways in which you can make your code more efficient.
28th August 2018 07:48
by likewind

How to write secure code in Python

Going over some Python vulnerabilities in terms of ensuring code security.
22nd August 2018 18:05
by likewind

How to translate code from Python 2 to Python 3

Here we’ll take a look at some differences between Python 2 and 3, and the ways you can make your code be more compatible with the last version of the language.
16th August 2018 06:26
by likewind

Data science & data analysis most effective libraries

Going through the Python libraries that every data analyst has to know about.
7th August 2018 08:28
by likewind

Object-oriented programming on CheckIO

A short overview of the changes that has taken place on CheckIO and how the OOP fitted into them.
1st August 2018 07:12
by oduvan

Design Patterns. Part 4

Becoming more familiar with the State and Interpreter design patterns.
18th July 2018 16:16
by likewind

Design Patterns. Part 3

Reviewing the Memento and Bridge design patterns.
11th July 2018 11:39
by likewind

Design Patterns. Part 2

Taking a closer look on the Observer and Mediator design patterns.
26th June 2018 10:54
by likewind

Design Patterns. Part 1

Going through the Abstract Factory and Strategy design patterns.
21st June 2018 09:43
by likewind

CheckiO Quests

A new great way to gain points and additional opportunities in the game.
14th June 2018 09:38
by oduvan

What is Python capable of?

An overview of how Python was essential for the creation of various useful programs and applications in a range of different spheres.
12th April 2018 12:29
by likewind

How to improve CheckiO missions?

The ways in which you can take part in making CheckiO an even better resource for its users.
5th April 2018 11:11
by oduvan

Best Speeches of Mr. Hettinger. Part 2

The continuation of the previous article reviewing the most remarkable speeches and life events of the core Python developer.
21st March 2018 09:42
by likewind

Best Speeches of Mr. Hettinger. Part 1

Seeing Python from the point of view of its core developer.
13th March 2018 13:26
by likewind
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