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Stay Home

Check out the latest updates on CheckiO.
27th March 2020 11:34
by oduvan

Mission Search

New option on CheckiO!
27th February 2020 16:29
by oduvan

Myths About Brain And Learning

Mythbusting article is already here!
19th February 2020 19:16
by oduvan

Maya Island

New island opening!
6th February 2020 11:12
by oduvan

Missions of the week: Unruly, Remove All Before, Compress List, and Replace Last

The latest from CheckiO and Python world.
30th January 2020 15:40
by oduvan

TOP 7 Reasons Why A Developer Can Kiss His Productivity Goodbye

New challenges and useful insight into the developer's productivity pitfalls.
23rd January 2020 16:49
by oduvan

Mocking in Python

Check out the new missions, moking articles and our plans for this year.
16th January 2020 17:09
by oduvan

This week’s mission: On the same path

Have fun with the new mission we have for you!
25th December 2019 13:08
by oduvan

This week’s mission: Magic with 5 cards

Find out how good you are with magic tricks!
12th December 2019 18:27
by oduvan

The cool mission of this week - Four To The Floor

Test yourself and have fun with the cool new mission!
5th December 2019 18:01
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Searchlights and Inscribe a Contour

Test yourself and have fun with the new missions we have for you.
28th November 2019 15:56
by oduvan

11 Ways How To Make Home Education More Effective

The most beneficial techniques to use when you study at home.
21st November 2019 16:06
by oduvan

Why Python is the most popular programming language?

Python is number 1!
31st October 2019 15:14
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Permutation Index and Reversed Permutation Index

Catch the new missions and show us what you've got!
24th October 2019 11:29
by oduvan

TOP 5 Software Failures of 2018–2019 (#5 is pretty alarming)

You have to see a few recent software failure examples from 2018-2019.
17th October 2019 11:14
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Landing Site and Power Plants

Test yourself and have fun with the missions we have for you.
10th October 2019 11:51
by oduvan

New Python on CheckiO

CheckiO has been updated to a new Python 3.8
29th August 2019 00:44
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Delivery Drone and Hexagonal Islands

Test yourself and have fun with the new missions we have for you.
19th July 2019 06:20
by oduvan

Visual and Speed Efficiency

Check out great articles on visual and speed efficiency.
22nd May 2019 13:07
by oduvan

CheckiO tools for creating missions

Be an awesome coder and find out how to create your own missions on CheckiO.
17th October 2018 23:18
by oduvan
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